3DP Bridge by Assa Studio

The 3dp bridge project was a project funded by Innovate UK, consorted by Assa Ashuach, Argos, Digital Forming and EOS, aimed to investigate the requirements needed for mass market products, produce through a 3d printing production chain.
The project was divided by the expertise of each company, Assa Studio taking the product design, Argos the retailer, Digital Forming the platform which orchestrated the whole process and EOS the production. The project faced many challenges as, which areas of markets will handle better the

higher price of the products? what was the added value of this products? how the retailer’s quality assurance (QA) will deal with products being customized by the consumer? production methods, materials to use, between many others.

Under the direction of Assa Ashuach, we developed an array of products which not only helped to test the platform, but as well investigated the visual language that can be use with this technology and the boundaries in it.

The product arguably most explored was the pattern pen by ASSA, in the project was used as a platform to investigate the different design languages, the possible customizable freedoms that could be provided to customers as shown in the image above, the different materials as Titanium showed in the second image below or Gold in the first image of the project, and how these would affect pricing and the design by its production constraints.

To experience the assembly click here.

As the pen route was explored for an hypothetical SME, there was another range of products for retailers, in this case Argos, which consisted mainly in Jewelry and Lamps. With Argos was mainly explored, objects that could pass the quality requirements which guarantee no breaking, and a design of a customization experience that limited as much as possible customers errors, in order to avoid returns, and provide fair pricing.

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