In order to bridge this issue, I have designed EKey, which is a service designed for Homeless that tries to solve it by relying on a cloud computing platform, which is conceived to administrate appointments given by key services in London for Homeless, as NHS, Councils, and key Charities and delivering them to the homeless in the required moment.

The service uses the current email platforms in order to connect to the services and gather the necessary information; furthermore it connects to the homeless through a device with pager technology, which is the result of the deconstruction of psychological mechanisms of transitional objects, amulets and emotion, reframed through insights gathered by human centered design methodologies as ethnography, cultural insights, user journey, and stake holder’s tests, in order to maximize chances of adoption of it, lastly, it has an underlined aim to facilitate the transition of homeless from erratic to mainstream lifestyle, through lowering anxieties by it use.

Here we have EKey’s pager, it is given to homeless with a lanyard for them to wear around the neck. It is provided for free in order to eliminate a monetary value on the device.

This diagram resumes the concept of EKey.

As mentioned before, the service poses a website for users to manage their account. Here presented we have it’s main page, if you wish to navigate the website prototype click here.

With the pager, homeless receive a user's manual, where they can find what is needed to manage the device and website. It has been created using comics format which facilitates content comprehension for does with low literacy.

We have a series of diagrams explaining key decisions made on the design.

This is the algorithm of the cloud system of the service.

Finally, we have a photograph of the project presented to the public, where you can see the objects currently in use by homeless for tracking time and appointments been projected, and EKey’s pager in physical, this is done in order to express the digitalization of the current devices by EKey and replacing them with a more reliable product, designed to survive in their environment and improved efficiency for delivering notifications.

If you are interested in the development process of the project, click here.

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