EKey Development

In this storyboard it will be possible to have a glimpse of the development process, which took just under a year and as you will be able to see and it was based on a human centre approach.

Mental Health

This mind map is the result of an extensive 2nd hand research, on the effects of mental health on the brain, and the necessary mechanism needed to heal it.

This research served as a based for the project, in order to deepen empathy with homeless and have select routes which could represent real solution to their problems.


The exploration face of the project consisted in interviews with Rough sleepers, care givers and managers of services, additionally a couple of user journeys of the service were perform. This phase, revealed critical to understand on which problem to focus and collect the majority of the insights.

Making Sense

In the making sense phase, the initial exploration phase were transform in a series of mind maps and initials ideas which more relevant were a drone and a digital platform to enable them to access
their services on 24hr.


As soon as the main idea to be used, a phase of iterations began, together with the help of a rough sleeper, every decision on the design was presented to him in order to get a more fitting design.


Through the previous phase the design evolved, on shape and delivering strategy of the services, but as well, on size. The concept of the solution is ready for a live trial of a limited number of working devices, which with further iterating research can evolve in a real helping solution.

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