PV First


Develop a platform that will automate the Pharmacovigilance process.


Pharmacovigilance is “the practice of monitoring the effects of medical drugs after they have been licensed for use, especially in order to identify and evaluate previously unreported adverse reactions.” (Dictionary.com). It is an important area of pharmacy that generally pharmaceutical outsource to companies like Accenture. The increasing number of regulations, medicine offer, and patients, added to the manual process and the lack of people with the required highly technical skills, companies that offer this services are struggling to keep up with the demand, pushing them to seek for new solutions.

With a team of designers, analytics and software engineers, it was studied the current process followed by the development of a series of solutions to pain points and the creation of the digital equivalent of the current process.

PV First is a platform that helps case processors (Pharmacovigilance employee) in their process of extracting an event case (required information of a secondary effect of a drug) from a medical article. It does it by providing one environment where he can read and code the information, thanks to the power of AI, tag in the document where is the key information that makes a case and standardizing the several formats of styles in a single one.

/ 2 Designers
/ 3 Software Engineers
/ 4 Analytics
/ 2 Project Managers

/ Design Lead
/ Service designer
/ UX designer

/ First project of the new R&D centre of Accenture “The Dock” to go to market.

/ Introduce a human centre design approach to a project which started from a technology first approach, and to a team that is not familiar with the approach.
/ Develop solutions in parallel while the technology was being created.
/ Work remotely from users, with limited access to their environment and to the tasks they perform.
/ Highly technical area.
/ Technical knowledge in data models.
/ Validation of a solution that disrupt an exiting process.

/ Agile
/ Human centred design

Technology used
/ Machine learning
/ Web based application

Virtual Shadowing


Low Fidelity Wire Frame

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User Flow Sketches

User Flow

Wire Frame

Proof of Concept (POC)

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