Service of Happiness


Create a Fjord physical logo that represents the capabilities of the new studio in Dublin.


The new Fjord Dublin studio was funded to research the future of the design practice of the firm. It has a series of characteristics that differentiate it from traditional studios, as it is an integrated department of the new Innovation center of Accenture. This provides a series of new capabilities that differentiate it to conventional studios.

Using a combination of Agile and Human centered design approach, and uniting different profiles of designers and technologists, it was chosen the concept of service for happiness, it was developed as a service which touchpoint is a combination of physical/digital powered by an emotional recognition software.

The Service of Happiness is an experiential device which aims to improve the mood of an expectation. It does it by interacting through a matrix of self-illuminated origamis, which display a series of patterns encoding specific emotions; at the end, it provides a gift.

/ 2 Creative Technologist
/ 3 Designers

/ Industrial designer
/ UX designer
/ Maker

/ Presented in TEDx Zurich as a representation of Fjord Capabilities.
/ Presented to the Prime Minister of Ireland

/ Introduce a industrial design approach to a digital agency.
/ Time and resources limitations.

/ Service design
/ Concept based
/ Agile

Technology used
/ 3DP
/ Emotional Recognition


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