My skills are driven by my passion of understanding complex mechanisms, then deconstructing and reinterpreting or creating new ones. These mechanisms can be behavioural, technical or conceptual.

The skills I have gained are presented here in form of the well-known process of creative problem solving or human-centred design, consisting in the phases of Research - Analysis - Ideation - Creation.

Shadowing and Cultural Insights
EKey / Ruism Set


/ Shadowing and Cultural Insights
/ Interviews

Service of Happiness / Digital PV / Telos / EKey / Ruism Set


/ As it is Blueprint
/ Problem Area
/ Wicked System

Problem Area

As it is Blueprint
Digital PV / EKey

Wicked System 
Digital PV / EKey

Behavioral Change Strategy

Service Storyboard
Service of Happiness / EKey

User Journey
Service of Happiness / Digital PV / EKey


/ Behavioral Change Strategy
/ Workshop
/ Service Storyboard
/ Service System
/ User Journey

Service of Happiness / Digital PV

Service System
Digital PV / EKey


/ 3D Printing
/ Wireframe
/ Physical Modeling
/ 3D Modeling
/ Digital physical Interaction

Digital PV / 3DP Bridge / EKey

3D Modelling
Service of Happiness / Telos / 3DP BridgeEKey / Ruism Set

3D Printing
Service of Happiness3DP Bridge / EKeyRuism Set

Physical Modeling
Service of Happiness / Telos / EKey / Ruism Set

Digital physical Interaction
Service of Happiness / Telos / EKey

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