Telos is a project of Sarah Gold in which together with other brilliant designers I collaborated. The main involvement I had consisted in developing the product design, and assisting on some parts of the user research and business plan development.

With this project we had the opportunity to participate in the Incubator Masschallenge, where was possible to understand the commercial potential and develop a first step of a business proposal.

Telos was a wall switch for the connected home with a design driven by the UX needed for the multiple functionalities of the internet of things. It

consisted in a touch pad with a non intrusive LED Matrix feedback aimed to give the user the freedom to customize gestures for controlling different functions.

Beyond the UX design, using open source software the device provided interoperability between several devices that currently exist in the market.

Telos was intended through the use of blockchain technology to bring a solution to data licensing, providing the user full control of the data they produce.

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